The eighth.

Well, my last post was almost two years ago. I cannot believe that after two years I find myself in the same position, with people, that is.

It’s simple really. I find most of my friends pretentious or toxic. sometimes I spend nights thinking about all the people I have met and how I am not in their lives anymore. to be honest I think there is about 3 or 4 people I can say I chose to stop being their friends, all because they hurt me in some way. everyone else has chosen to become lazy. I am sure there are a few that in my darkest moments they stopped being my friend because it was too hard. but I think I expect a friend to be an active friend, not just one that I have to visit or I have to contact if I want to see them.

I just want to create some lifetime friendships. but fuck, it seems impossible as an adult. I didn’t realise people had a limit to the number of friends they have; the amount of times I have heard people say “I have enough friends”… what in the world? all I hear is bullshit.

Prove me wrong.


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