The ninth.

If everybody in the room maybe stepped out
You’d never have to see the past where you hit the ground
And never have to miss the walls of the old house
So if you find that you’re stuck in the moment
Just let your eyes cut away from the broken
And try to sleep like the broken’s forgotten


The eighth.

Well, my last post was almost two years ago. I cannot believe that after two years I find myself in the same position, with people, that is.

It’s simple really. I find most of my friends pretentious or toxic. sometimes I spend nights thinking about all the people I have met and how I am not in their lives anymore. to be honest I think there is about 3 or 4 people I can say I chose to stop being their friends, all because they hurt me in some way. everyone else has chosen to become lazy. I am sure there are a few that in my darkest moments they stopped being my friend because it was too hard. but I think I expect a friend to be an active friend, not just one that I have to visit or I have to contact if I want to see them.

I just want to create some lifetime friendships. but fuck, it seems impossible as an adult. I didn’t realise people had a limit to the number of friends they have; the amount of times I have heard people say “I have enough friends”… what in the world? all I hear is bullshit.

Prove me wrong.