The seventh.

High horse.

You can’t chose when or where you are going to be friends with someone. You can’t treat people like an in between friend when you have nothing better to do.

Maybe my heart is too big. I think people think they can only have one or two good friends at a time. That is one big fat lie.

I will not be your inbetween friend anymore, & what’s sad is, i think we could have been the very best of friends. But i forgot, you already have close friends, so lets forget all the stuff we have in common, the music, the humour, the everyday stuff, because thats not what friendships about, right?

So tired of the straight line, 
and everywhere you turn, 
there’s vultures and thieves
at your back. 
The storm keeps on twisting, 
you keep on building the lies.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.


The sixth.

Once again, let down. You were meant to drop by today, but you forgot, well, I assume so. This is why I don’t have friends, because none of them have the same bloody heart that I do. I want a friend who wants my friendship, not takes advantage. You are a selfish fucking person.

The fifth.

Photography. Someday I aspire to be the best. But for now, I want to talk about how everyone is a photographer.

I take photos, I am not a photographer. There’s a certain heart drop when you look at photos from a professional. They can be amazing no matter what the photo is of.

Then there’s the today photographer. Everyone is an expert. I say I love photography and people go, “what type of camera do you use?” Everyone has digital slrs. Everyone can use the apps on their phone to create contrast. Everyone makes their kids dress up in embarrassing clothing and make them do poses so they can post their amazing photography online.

I think a photo comes from within. It’s from the view point of the person taking it not what lens you have.

Whether I take a photo from my phone or my camera, it’s because I have to, because it’s an opportunity to miss something amazing. It’s not something you can go out and expect to find.

I’m not a photographer, but I’m tired of everyone else thinking they are.